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Friday, April 9, 2010

Admission to LNMIIT for UG Program - 2010

Welcome Students to LNMIIT for Undergraduate program - 2010, this year, LNMIIT is doing its own admissions and will be receiving all applications ourselves, and not going through Central Counseling
Board (CCB). Since this is a change in the process, many candidates may not be aware, and would be thinking of coming through CCB. So It's to inform you all that you can apply for admission to LNMIIT directly through our website online or offline.

Also on website you can find a list of students as volunteer for Admission - 2010. You can contact them to have a idea about LNMIIT in a better way. For any clarification and complete details of process visit. http://admissions.lnmiit.ac.in

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Excellent performance by LNMIIT students in GATE and CAT

The LNMIIT students are really on the march towards excellence.
In the recently announced results for GATE, two LNMIITians are
in top 100 for CS - Rahul Nihalini at All India Rank of 21, and
Gowthami has a rank of 72. There are at least 5 more in the top
1000 ranks. So we expect about 5 students to join an IIT for MTech

At the same time, we have had 4 students receive calls from 1 or more
IIMs. We are sure that at least in a couple of cases, these calls will
convert to admission offers. Students have also done well in other
graduate admission tests like JMET, MAT, etc.

It is heartening to note that the percentage of students who go for
a second degree from LNMIIT continues to be very large compared
to other fine institutions in India, and we are proud of it.

Source : Dheeraj Sanghi (Director)

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Harsh Shines Again !!

Harsh Yadav, an outperforming alumni of LNMIIT has added yet another feather to our cap by scoring a mind-blowing All India Rank 9 in GATE'08 for CS branch.

Always an illustrious coder, Harsh has previously also made LNMIIT proud by making it to
ACM ICPC Regionals in 2005 and again in 2006 , and cracking Code4Bill in 2006. Besides, he also stood second in the coding contest at Technex'05 (tech-fest of IT-BHU).

Currently, an R & D Engg. at Tejas Networks, Harsh has been developing innovative solutions for network management over past several months.

Harsh seems to have truly stood up the name the pioneer batch fondly used to call him with : Medhavi

Cheers Medhavi ! We all are proud of you.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Workshop on Computer Vision ~~ February 04-05, 2008 ~~ IIIT, Hyderabad

A Workshop on Computer Vision is being organized under the Indo-Israeli MoU on research collaboration managed by DST. The workshop will be organized at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad during February 4-5, 2008. The workshop is intended to increase the direct interaction between Computer Vision researchers in Israel and India.

The top experts from the academia and research labs of India will participate in the event. In addition, Prof. Jitendra Malik of UC, Berkeley and Prof. Shree Nayar of Columbia University are expected to attend the event.

Researchers and research students working in Computer Vision and allied areas are invited to participate in the event. Travel support and accommodation will be provided at Hyderabad to a number of research students and faculty to attend the event. Interested individuals are requested to apply early for consideration.

The preliminary programme of the workshop is available at the provided link.(unfortunately, our college name has been mis-spelled on this site, I am trying to get this corrected)

Prof. Pujari from our college shall also be attending it. You may contact him for more details regarding this.

I guess, some of you can recall that Prof. Doron Benzvi was from Israel.

For those considering higher studies and interested in computer vision, this is a nice opportunity to network with the leading academia in this field.

Looking at the list of people attending it, I would strongly recommend you to attend it, provided you are interested in the field.

Friday, November 30, 2007

ViVaCity - 08

ViVaCity - 08
Cultural n Tech Fest,LNMIIT Jaipur

As rhythm & fantasies make the most elegant blend, as the veil of talents is torn apart in quixotic sense, that is when ViVaCity takes its Veins, it's Breath amidst miracles unattained.

Welcome to Vivacity - 08, where thunders & blitz would ignite the souls, where performance & delight will charm your moods, where beauty & spectra will felicitate your energies.

Exciting & desperate contests, unprecedented brainstorming sessions, breathtaking fun games, sensational cultural festivities, the list just goes on...

The celestial sparkles are all set to mesmerize the members & guests of these three jubilant days of January fall. Come be a part of it to miss no more.



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bigger Better and higher....

About 7-8 months back everyone was crying hoarse for a job. One month later we all got one. Now almost everyone has one, on-campus or off-campus we managed. Now as more and more facts appear we are again crying hoarse. Almost everyone(barring one exception - Anshul Khanijo, as far as i know) has been placed in 3-4lacs bracket. From what I hear thats just not enough.

Earlier, at least we heard that some better companies may visit campus later in 4th year. But even those things have dried up. Our only hope seems to be off-campus placements. But the problem here is that we don't have the faintest of idea about to approach that sort of thing.

I have reasons to believe that not just few but many of us are capable of securing much better jobs. Lack of communication and co-ordination seem to be doing us in. I guess its time we actually we start taking these things seriously. We have just one semester left and time is running out.

Its been a long time since we heard from institute in this regard. Maybe, we should gather information on our own and share it. With proper co-ordination we can at least have a taste of what its like when you raise the bar. Some of us might even get placed. This blog in my opinion is the ideal place for such a discussion. Creating a list of companies and their corresponding schedules would be a step in this direction. Unless we act nothing can be done. Relying on institute hasn't exactly been a sweet experience in past.

I hope you are not satisfied with what you have right now. Share and move up...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Innovation Icon 2007

Innovation Icon 2007 is a unique opportunity for students of engineering, and business colleges to demonstrate their skills, and turn their innovative ideas into real business applications. You can select your own challenge, and build a solution using your own creative idea.

There are exciting rewards including cash prizes and career opportunities with CSC.


The top three projects will be rewarded a cash prize of Rs. 1, 00, 000, Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively and the teams will also be offered employment with CSC. There are seven consolation prizes, along with some exciting gifts, goodies and much more.

More Info :

To assist students through their projects, CSC has assigned a team of CSC mentors – 10 primary mentors and 50 secondary mentors. CSC will also provide all necessary software products, although, title to and ownership of the intellectual property rights of the software will remain proprietary to CSC. The intellectual property rights of the projects submitted during the contest will also remain proprietary to CSC.

A jury comprised of members from CSC and its alliance companies will select the winning teams by Dec. 31, 2007, based on the projects’ business relevance and concept originality, as well as quality and usability of the developed solution.

About CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation is a leading global IT services company. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., CSC reported revenue of $14.9 billion for the 12 months ended March 30, 2007.

CSC In India

CSC is one of the fastest growing IT services companies in India today. With development and delivery centers in Noida, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Vadodara, CSC’s operations in India offer applications, infrastructure and product-based services to clients worldwide, across major industry sectors. Processes conform to SEI CMM Level 5, PCMM Level 5, BS7799 and BS15000 standards.

Personal Thoughts :

Well, I didn't got much time to look deep into this. But, since CSC has been doing well, it seems worth to once go through the details of the contest and see if its of any interest to you. It would be really nice, if any of you could volunteer to grasp more details on this and share it with us all.