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Friday, April 9, 2010

Admission to LNMIIT for UG Program - 2010

Welcome Students to LNMIIT for Undergraduate program - 2010, this year, LNMIIT is doing its own admissions and will be receiving all applications ourselves, and not going through Central Counseling
Board (CCB). Since this is a change in the process, many candidates may not be aware, and would be thinking of coming through CCB. So It's to inform you all that you can apply for admission to LNMIIT directly through our website online or offline.

Also on website you can find a list of students as volunteer for Admission - 2010. You can contact them to have a idea about LNMIIT in a better way. For any clarification and complete details of process visit. http://admissions.lnmiit.ac.in

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