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Thursday, August 16, 2007

TGMC 2007 : Registrations Open

The Great Mind Challenge 2007

Service Oriented Architecture ... Web 2.0 ... PureXML ... Do you want to know what this jargon is all about ? And are you keen in learning and doing something hands-on? Then this is an opportunity for you to apply what the industry buffs are talking about.

IBM Academic Initiative India team is ready AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! with the right ammunition to arm YOU ALL in the fast paced, everyday evolving world of technology. We are here to share our ammunition - Â plethora of opportunities with you all.

Pick up YOURSELF and make the most of it. IBM ANNOUNCES THE REGISTRATION TO THE GREAT MIND CHALLENGE 2007 OPEN. If you think you can do it, you can..........

The top 100 participant students will be interviewed for job placements in IBM.

Personal Comments :

A great competition to showcase your talent of accomplishing real-life projects, the only demerit being that its limited to IBM technologies ONLY :( . Anyways, if you are interested in DB2, WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, etc. , this is an opportunity you just cannot afford to ignore !

In case, you are new to all this, but interested to learn it, IBM helps you with free remote support and mentoring through forums, etc. Plus, you get a free copy of some of these software too !

Last year, Arti Ma'am was involved in it along with some students. The newbies can contact her for more info and guidance.

More details can be grasped from this link : TGMC'07

Deadline for registration : 31st August 2007

# Thanks to ARJUN( III Yr ) for sharing this information with all of us!


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