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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bigger Better and higher....

About 7-8 months back everyone was crying hoarse for a job. One month later we all got one. Now almost everyone has one, on-campus or off-campus we managed. Now as more and more facts appear we are again crying hoarse. Almost everyone(barring one exception - Anshul Khanijo, as far as i know) has been placed in 3-4lacs bracket. From what I hear thats just not enough.

Earlier, at least we heard that some better companies may visit campus later in 4th year. But even those things have dried up. Our only hope seems to be off-campus placements. But the problem here is that we don't have the faintest of idea about to approach that sort of thing.

I have reasons to believe that not just few but many of us are capable of securing much better jobs. Lack of communication and co-ordination seem to be doing us in. I guess its time we actually we start taking these things seriously. We have just one semester left and time is running out.

Its been a long time since we heard from institute in this regard. Maybe, we should gather information on our own and share it. With proper co-ordination we can at least have a taste of what its like when you raise the bar. Some of us might even get placed. This blog in my opinion is the ideal place for such a discussion. Creating a list of companies and their corresponding schedules would be a step in this direction. Unless we act nothing can be done. Relying on institute hasn't exactly been a sweet experience in past.

I hope you are not satisfied with what you have right now. Share and move up...


Blogger Abhishek Rajpurohit said...

I very much agree with your thoughts that some amongst you deserve a package twice or thrice of your current one. Specially in our branch, sky is the limit for packages. As far as institute's efforts are concerned, i am only aware about arti ma'am contacting D.E.Shaw & Co for visiting lnmiit. In that, i am also trying my best to help her out. Sharing the knowledge of such opportunities is indeed a good way to kickstart in this direction, ... all d best !!

November 21, 2007 at 11:44 PM  
Blogger arjun.lnmiit said...

yeah its really should happen that we all should wrok hard on this topic......its also necessary regarding the future of next batches.....as only we seniors can show some good examples to them and help in gettin right direction regarding their furture.....and if we start working to get good packages it'll also enhance the repo of thsi institute .....and to be in this direction only our pioneers can help firstly then we'll start walking through our own stamina but initially we need some dirction.......

November 23, 2007 at 4:25 AM  

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