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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ACM ICPC Regionals 2007

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest(ACM ICPC) is the largest computer programming contest in the world. The ACM ICPC is an activity of the ACM that provides college students with an opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen their problem-solving and computing skills.

The ACM ICPC Asia Regional Contests invite Asian students to meet, establish friendships and promote fair competition in programming. There are thirteen sites in Asia region. The winning team of each site is eligible to participate to the world finals. Winning team may also get travel support from ACM ICPC Kanpur Site sponsors to participate in the world finals.

Personal Comments :

Well, this competition is not new to LNMIITians and we have been participating in it for past two years. It starts with an online elimination round. Those clearing that, would be eligible to compete in the IIT Kanpur on-site contest on October 27-28, 2007.

The problems are really nice and brainstorming. And, those already having fun with coding in Intra-College Programming Contests being organized by Prateek Goel and Anupam Gogar, must appear in it to test their skills. You might have a look at the last year's problems to get some idea.

For the newbies, .. this competition is about having a strong base in algorithms as well as coding, and sharp intelligence to look through seemingly tough problems. I would suggest you to contact Pankaj Mittal(IV Yr.) or Anurag Sodani(IV Yr.) for more details about the contest(both represented the college last year at the Kanpur event).

Well, some students might be scared to see that registration costs Rs. 2500 /- (although, Rs. 1000 /- shall be refunded if you are not eligible for onsite event). But, believe me, the exposure this contest provides to you is really worth the price.

For more details, just visit Asia Regional Contest- 2007, KANPUR SITE website.

Kindly note that :

Last Date of Registration: September 14, 2007

Preliminary Online Contest Date: September 22, 2007

All the very best to participants !! Cheeeers !!!


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