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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Innovation Icon 2007

Innovation Icon 2007 is a unique opportunity for students of engineering, and business colleges to demonstrate their skills, and turn their innovative ideas into real business applications. You can select your own challenge, and build a solution using your own creative idea.

There are exciting rewards including cash prizes and career opportunities with CSC.


The top three projects will be rewarded a cash prize of Rs. 1, 00, 000, Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively and the teams will also be offered employment with CSC. There are seven consolation prizes, along with some exciting gifts, goodies and much more.

More Info :

To assist students through their projects, CSC has assigned a team of CSC mentors – 10 primary mentors and 50 secondary mentors. CSC will also provide all necessary software products, although, title to and ownership of the intellectual property rights of the software will remain proprietary to CSC. The intellectual property rights of the projects submitted during the contest will also remain proprietary to CSC.

A jury comprised of members from CSC and its alliance companies will select the winning teams by Dec. 31, 2007, based on the projects’ business relevance and concept originality, as well as quality and usability of the developed solution.

About CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation is a leading global IT services company. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., CSC reported revenue of $14.9 billion for the 12 months ended March 30, 2007.

CSC In India

CSC is one of the fastest growing IT services companies in India today. With development and delivery centers in Noida, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Vadodara, CSC’s operations in India offer applications, infrastructure and product-based services to clients worldwide, across major industry sectors. Processes conform to SEI CMM Level 5, PCMM Level 5, BS7799 and BS15000 standards.

Personal Thoughts :

Well, I didn't got much time to look deep into this. But, since CSC has been doing well, it seems worth to once go through the details of the contest and see if its of any interest to you. It would be really nice, if any of you could volunteer to grasp more details on this and share it with us all.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Google : The beautiful mind

Hi all,

have u tried Google image labeler..


it is very simple and interesting also..

the main thing is that Google has started it like a game and ultimately the image search of google will be more efficient as the images are labeled acc. to user choices and ofcourse some great algos to determine a label for an image.

According to the Google

Google Image Labeler, a new feature of Google Image Search that allows you to label random images to help improve the quality of Google's image search results.

How does it work?

You'll be randomly paired with a partner who's online and using the feature. Over a two-minute period, you and your partner will be shown the same set of images and asked to provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see. When your label matches your partner's label, you'll earn points depending on how specific your label is. You'll be shown more images until time runs out. After time expires, you can explore the images you've seen and the websites where those images were found. And we'll show you the points you've earned throughout the session.

What is required to participate?

Just an interest in helping Google improve the relevance of image search results for users like yourself. Although you do not have to log in to your Google account to help, logging in will allow you to keep track of your points. You can also choose to provide a nickname, or you can remain anonymous.


Ravi Kr. Gupta